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    Who doesn't enjoy a good joke?  How about hundreds of them?  And they are even sorted by category to make finding just the right joke a breeze.  Categories include:  Men and Women, Golf, Money, Husbands, Wives, Marriage, Animals, and many more.  Plus, you will find a Few Short Jokes and Few One Liners too!

     It's all part of my hilarious new book,
"Best Party Time Jokes"
I have been collecting jokes for years.  I have put the best ones together in this handy little volume that fits nicely into your pocket or purse.  Now it's your turn to become the life of the party.

     Do you need just the right bit of humor for a speech or seminar?  Do you want to add some fun to your Newsletter, Book or Web Site?  Get your copy of

"Best Party Time Jokes"
now before your friends order one.  There is no X-rated or offensive material included.  Matter of fact, there are jokes the whole family will enjoy.
Here are samples of some jokes in the book.

Wife:  I think you could talk to me while I sew.
Husband:  Why don't you sew to me while I read?

Confucius said "Man needs a good watch and a good wife, and both working."

"Did you wake up grouchy?"  "Naw, I'm letting her sleep."

Little Joey was crying his eyes out.  "What's wrong?" his Grandpa asked.  "I can't do the things that the big boys do."  Grandpa sat down and cried too.

Hazel had been married four times.  Her first husband was a banker, the second was an actor, the third husband was a preacher, and the fourth husband was an undertaker.  She was asked why she picked the different type husbands.  She stated, "One for the money, two for the show, three to make ready and four to go."

Yes, this is a woman's world.  When a man is born, the first question people ask is:  How is the mother?  When he marries, people say, what a lovely bride!  And when he dies, they ask, How much did he leave her?

Sam was on his deathbed when his wife, Mary, walked into his bedroom and asked if he had any last requests.  "Yes, there is, sweetheart.  Before I meet my maker,"  Sam said in a weak voice, "I'd like a piece of that favorite coconut pie you make."  "How about a cookie instead?"  She asked.  "I was saving the pie for the wake."

I was talking to my neighbor's wife who was mad at her husband.  Here she is newly married and he left her to go fishing.  I asked her, "Where is your husband?"  She said, "Just go down to the pond and look around till you find a pole with a worm on each end."

Molly had a hard time staying on a diet until she went on the Rotation Diet.  Every time you turn around, you eat.

The school teacher got a note from Victor's mother that read:  My son Vic is a very sensitive boy.  If you have to punish him, just slap the child in the next seat.  That will frighten Victor and straighten him out.

Two co-workers had been playing golf together for years.  One Saturday afternoon they were in the clubhouse shower when Bill said to Joe, "I didn't know you wore a girdle.  When did you start wearing one?"  Bill wondered.  Joe replied,  "When my wife found one in my glove compartment."

The young bride told her new husband, "Darling, I'm afraid your dinner is a little burned tonight."  "To hell you say.  Don't tell me they had a fire at the delicatessen."

Small boy to recently divorced dad:  "How do they catch lunatics?"  "They use lipstick, perfume, rouge, and powder."

Beside a doctor, in what other profession could a guy tell a girl to get undressed and send the bill to her husband.

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